Anonymous asked:
Dear mom

Dear Mom,

I would like to sincerely thank you for fucking me up for life.  However your neo-conservatism is rather good for a laugh.  I still love you for some reason so if your unwillingness to vaccinate me hasn’t killed me by the time you need a kidney, I’ll consider it.

syd-squiddiles asked:
Dear person I like!!!

Dear Person I Like,

Holy fucking shit I don’t know what to even do around you or about you because you’re the paragon of Apollonian virtue and I’m me.

We each have those weird things about us that make the other cringe but I wish to some theoretical god I had the balls to actually tell you how I feel.

You said once that you weren’t good with members of the opposite sex but you couldn’t be more wrong; your fascinations and reasoning are almost painfully dear to me.

You have me wrapped ‘round your little finger.

I know I might not be right for you, but oh the things I can show you, the experiences I can give you, the curiosities I can satisfy within you are innumerable.  We can do everything you said you’d like to do, we can go out for Peruvian and listen to obscure operas and generally laugh in each other’s company.  I may not be right for you, but I’ll continue to care for you deeper than anyone else until you find someone who can give you more.

Anonymous asked:
Dear ex bestfriend

Dear Ex Best Friend,

I’m really sad to see that it’s come to this.  But I’ve changed, and you’ve changed, and I don’t like who you’ve become.  You probably don’t like who I’ve become either, so really, it’s nothing personal.

But thanks for the memories, sugar.

Anonymous asked:
Random? (great, now you've got me thinking of Feigenbaum fractals and bifurcation and what even is random) Umm, I like the title of your blog =3

tramthepoline asked:
Eleanor you are the best.

Anonymous asked:
dang youre only 16?

Guilty as charged. 

imagineatoms asked:
Every time I see your name I read it as "neuronsandnerdtrons" just thought I'd let you know

astrotastic asked:
Beige, peach



Peach: Who is your favorite teacher so far?

I really like my physics teacher, I admire and respect his ability to not give a shit about anything except stuff he likes.  And it’s very obvious what he likes, because the fascination and enthusiasm in his voice is unparalleled. 

I also really like my Psychology teacher because of the yarns he spins and his more quiet passion for things he finds interesting.

imagineatoms asked:
Yellow Beige Violet

Yellow: When you get older, where would you want to live?

Somewhere with a lot of climbable trees that change colors vibrantly in the fall.

Beige: What is your favorite dream?

Dream that I’ve had before?

Well, it involved Buddy Holly wearing not

I enjoy dreams in which I can fly.  I’d love to experience flying.

Violet: What college do you plan to attend?

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is my dream school, but I’ll probably end up going to the University of Colorado at Boulder.  They have a damn good physics program and IN-STATE TUITION

Anonymous asked:
which place do you like better?

Well, seeing as how the only family and friends I really know are in Denver, I’d have to say here.

I love the feel of Boston though, it’s a really great city.

Anonymous asked:
where are you from?

Born in Boston, moved to Denver when I was only a few months old.

Anonymous asked:
You're truly fantastic <3

As are you, anon!

tramthepoline asked:
Blue x 14 billion

hal-ya asked:
Plum -insert creepy Bill Nye photo-

Anonymous asked:
Blue, Cream